Summer term is almost here!

Dr. Wyatt (admin)
Summer term is almost here!
by Alicia.Admin Wyatt - Wednesday, May 31, 2017, 8:33 AM

Greetings, all!

Welcome back for the summer term.  You should be receiving messages from your instructors this week, and I believe you may be able to access your courses.

Advice for now:  

  • The Management Information Systems class is not using the publisher website, so you can choose a paper book OR the electronic version, whichever is cheaper.  The bookstore should have these books.
    • If you are ordering a paper textbook from an outside vendor, you probably want to do that right away.
  • All the other classes are using an electronic text and publisher materials
    • If you are getting a textbook access card from the bookstore, you can do that any time.
    • If you are going to purchase your book directly from the website, look for the textbook link in your course.  They are usually in the Week 1 topic, unless your instructor has set up something a bit different.

The main advice I would give you is that IF you are planning on using an electronic version of the book, try to avail yourself of the guest access first.  This does two things--A) it gives you more time (the access code is usually limited to a certain number of days) and B) if you need to drop the class or change your mind, it is much easier to get refunds if you have never activated the code.  Hopefully, no one will have problems.

Email your instructors if you have questions, or contact or if you have technical difficulties.

Happy summer! :-)